The Benefits of Joining the Ranks of NJROTC

Tanysha Sanchez, Staff Reporter

NJROTC stands for Navy Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps. From an outsider’s perspective, it may seem like a way for the Navy to do early recruitment. However, it is so much more. Cadets describe it as a community that holds themselves to a high standard, and help each other meet that.  In addition, NJROTC helps develop leadership skills, which can be helpful in other clubs like the Debate team or BETA Club.  Some cadets credit ROTC with helping them break out of their social shells, not to mention the scholarship opportunities that come with being in the program all 4 years. And finally, it will look amazing to have 4 years of NJROTC on college applications or job resumes. Lastly, Gloucester High School is a purple star school because of the program, the Instructors, and the school’s section director, Mrs. Simpson. This award is an honor to the school’s major commitment to students and families in the military. 

Chief Williams defines NJROTC as, “A citizenship development program whose goal is to help students understand high school and graduate.¨, Cadet Willis believes “it’s the support group within the program. We have our own little community within the school and it’s a very tight-knit group.¨ According to Chief Williams, there are no prerequisites for taking NJROTC. “In the physical aspect, it might seem that way but as long as you qualify to do Grade 9 physical education class you are qualified to do ROTC. We tailor workouts to the individual’s effort level and we understand that some people are not at the same athletic ability as others so we don’t expect off-the-shelf that everyone is going to give out their best effort and the best effort is different depending on the individual.¨ Willis agreed ¨The program is based on how hard you work. So if you’re lazy you’re not going to do so well in the program. It gives everyone an equal opportunity for the first two years but if you don’t prove yourself you aren’t going to be good enough to come back junior year.

 Willis believes the program has helped in all facets of her schooling. ¨That helped me with being in leadership positions for example when I was applying to the Honor Society in Beta Club it made me more confident in myself.¨ Cheif Williams sees this growth firsthand. ¨Some students start off hard-charging and maintain that attitude throughout their academic career. Other students start off quiet and break out of their shells over time with us.¨ Chief Williams reminisces on specifically Dany Knott, and how she used to be super introverted and had trouble in social situations. ¨And even at the beginning of her junior year she was nervous about coming back to school. When compared to her sophomore self, people can’t even tell that she was ever nervous confidently standing in front of a battalion of over 200 people.¨