Volunteer Opportunities for Adolescence

Olivia Gray, Staff Writer

Volunteer hours are important, they’re a requirement for various clubs, help with job applications, look great on college resumes, and give you a chance to help out your community. Helping others is scientifically proven to uplift your mood so make the most of it with these options. 

The Giving Garden Foundation helps people in the community that are fighting cancer and helps to raise money to assist with treatment costs. Volunteering there requires you to work hard but they provide a variety of options: you could help out with the Healing Garden or assist with the fundraising events. The healing garden is in Woodville Park and accepts anyone willing to help clean up and take care of the garden, to get more information and to sign up email [email protected]. There are upcoming events such as the Home and Garden Showcase on March 11th. To become a volunteer email [email protected]

16 and older students can volunteer at athletics departments. You can volunteer to be a coach for young children in a sport. This can be year-round or seasonal based on the sport chosen. In the spring and fall, you can coach youth soccer and field hockey, in the summer you can coach youth softball, wiffle ball, or tee ball, and in winter you can coach youth basketball. The best fit for “high school students are our 4-5y, 6-8y and 9-11y age groups” (GPRT Athletics) says. They also state that softball gets a big crowd so that is the season that volunteers are needed the most. If you don’t know much about coaching don’t worry they will give you proper training before you commence instructing. Call the number (804-693-1262) to become a volunteer coach. 

 Volunteer for the Clean Gloucester Day, March 24th to 25th to clean anywhere in the community. You can pick up the supplies on March 23rd, 24th, or 25th between 9:00 am – 1:00 pm at the Stewart Building. Fill out the form at   https://www.gloucesterva.info/210/Clean-Gloucester-Day