All You Need to Know About Being a Beta Club Member

Hannah Cupp, Co-Editor

Beta Club is one of the many extracurricular activities that Gloucester High School offers. Many people have never heard of it, though. In this series, I will tell you about some of the opportunities you have as a GHS student that you may not be aware of. 

“Someone might choose to join Beta Club because you get to see how small actions make a big difference, to encourage others to help people more, and because you get to interact with lots of different kinds of people.” – Amber Kolenc, President of Beta Club. 

Beta Club is a nationally recognized club centered around volunteering and other community service endeavors. Beta Club is open to all students who are invited. You will get an invitation a few weeks before the induction ceremony. Members are picked based on grade point average and behavior. They are picked by our officers and faculty sponsor, Ms. Riva. 

I interviewed Amber Kolenc, a senior and the current president of Beta Club. She has been a member of Beta since the Spring of her sophomore year. She became an officer because she “[in reference to the values and accomplishments of the club] likes the things they do in Beta and wanted to become a part of that process.” Beta Club’s official motto is “ducamus aliis serviendo,” a Latin phrase that translates to “let us lead by serving others,” which is the core value of Beta Club. They strive to help others in any way they can. For example, one of our most recent service projects was making dog treats for pets who have been turned into the Humane Society because of various allergies. They offer other service opportunities, such as one of Kolenc’s favorites, trash cleanup on Short Lane. One of the pieces of advice she offers to Beta members and anyone interested in joining is “to participate as much as you can because we have fun doing it!”

Anyone who receives a Beta Club invitation should apply in a timely manner. Our next induction period is in the spring. Even if you aren’t too sure about joining, you should because President Amber Kolenc says, “we want you!”