Dario Rosado Learns Valuable Skills At New Horizons

Lua Rosado Perez, Staff Reporter

Dario Rosado is an aspiring welder who goes to New Horizons. Welding is a complex process to join things together, a job that requires attention to detail and a great deal of hand-eye coordination. There are also different types of welding. Rosado says, “I wanted to get into it since it’s a good job and I’m not interested in college.” Having to go to class everyday, learn how to weld, and go to work soon after seems like a lot for a high schooler. This is what Rosado had to say about it, “No one likes having long days but it has taught me to manage my time well…” As he continues to learn more about welding and developing his skill, he searches for places to put that skill to use. “…I am very interested in Liebherr and the Newport News Shipyard.” People learn everything differently. That’s also the case for Rosado, “I struggle with learning new things but with welding being a physical activity in which you use your hands I have been able to learn.” Rosado’s first years of high school were spent under the Covid restrictions which didn’t make his high school experience very eventful. Rosado thanks his family and friends for being a constant source of encouragement through his last years of school. Like welding is a process to join things together, Rosado’s family is the backbone of the process of his present to his future.