Native American Heritage Month


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National American Indian Heritage Month Graphic

Deja Kincaid, Staff Reporter

Different months are infamous for different groups of people. During these months, history is taught and awareness is spread. In November, along with many other awareness and historical events, is Native American Heritage Month. During Native American Heritage month honorable, remarkable Native Americans are celebrated. As a reminder, we all should be supporting Native Americans all year and not just during the month of November. 

Since 1916 when New York became the first state to declare an “American Indian Day”, there have been efforts to shine light on the incredible Native Americans who deserve to be honored. In 1976 President Gerald Ford proclaimed October 10-16 as “Native American Awareness Week.” In 1990, Congress passed and George H.W. Bush signed into law a print stating November to be Native American Heritage Month. 

There are multiple different ways to support Native American Heritage month like learning the vital symbols of Indigenous values, supporting their businesses, educating yourself on their history and what words to avoid saying (there may be more than you think!), donating to charities, acknowledging what Native land you are on and so much more.