Is November The Middle Child of October and December?

Heather Kirkhorn, Staff Reporter

October is a fun and exhilarating month. Decorating your house and finding costumes for one of the best holidays, Halloween! Oh, and December is magical and exciting. Those 25 days of comfy movies, baking cookies, decorating your house in lights, and waiting for Santa on Christmas day. But wait, what about November, you can’t forget November, but we do. I like to call November “The middle child of October and December because we seem to forget about it so much.

Why is it that we seem to skip over one whole month, figuratively, that’s 30 whole days seemingly being disregarded! Well, it seems to be December taking the spotlight off of November and October having had the spotlight before that. December has Christmas and songs like Mariah Carey and it’s just such a magical month. October is Spooky and has Trick or Treating and dressing up and November is just another month full of school work and boring long days. This is not true, November has so many important days to remember. Veterans day, Elections, and hello, Thanksgiving! 

Thanksgiving should give November so much hype with it having food, football, and the thanksgiving day parade! It’s the Holiday of being thankful to family and friends! But it seems to be not as entertaining as the holiday before and after. It’s children mostly not paying attention to Thanksgiving because it’s visiting family and having to talk to them and then it’s football, which is quite boring to some people, it’s an acquired taste. Many don’t like giving, they much rather like getting and being thankful for receiving what they want, which isn’t all that Thanksgiving is about. It’s about giving thanks or being thankful for what you already have. 

While students do get days off, there is still school work to do, and man is it not fun. Elections are not ideal either amongst people, children can’t vote and adults are arguing on and on about who to vote for. Daylight savings is in November and that means we get an extra hour of sleep! That sounds amazing, but we can’t please everyone. Some love the extra hour, others not so much because we lose a whole hour of work that can be done. There is Veterans day too, we thank the people who fought for our country and honor the ones who have fallen for our country. It’s the anniversary of the end of World War 1. Sadly, many people don’t care about it because it was either ages ago and seemingly irrelevant to the now, or they don’t know the people who fought for them so they don’t find it to be relevant to them. Mostly, the only reason some like that day is because they always have a day off of work and school. 

November is like the middle child of October and December. It is often forgotten and skipped over in favor of the Christmas spirit bombarding the isles at stores and the radios. It doesn’t have to disappear and it shouldn’t disappear, November is the transition from fall to winter, the month of giving thanks. It’s like the glue between October and December holding them together while also separating them and balancing out the excitement.