Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Is Expensive But Worth It


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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

Kiara Hendryx, Staff Reporter

A lot of people have been talking about the new Call of Duty; Modern Warfare 2. There have been lots of mixed emotions about the game. The game costs around $70, meaning it is a little expensive, but is it actually worth the price? Even though the game is not yet fully finished, it has been pretty fun. There have been many visual glitches and glitches that players can do too. It still has the normal Call of Duty multiplayer game modes like, search and destroy, domination, etc. There is also a new one called prison escape. W where you have to take two prisoners, held by the opposite team, and return them to your spawn location.

The graphics are a little better, and there are also a couple of other new settings. You can now play the game in third person. There is also a map where you have a chance to swim underneath parts of the map, and it makes attacking players from the back a lot easier. There are also a couple new tacticals like, drill charge, shock stick, and many more. Throwing the tactical is a bit of a challenge because they do fly pretty far. 

You can now no longer see your Kill/Death ratio. They have removed the hard core game mode.  While during normal Modern Warfare, you were able to do challenges to unlock the camouflage for your guns. F, for Modern Warfare 2 you now have to upgrade different guns to unlock the camos. Getting your weapons gold now feels much easier than it used to. You have to level up your guns to unlock attachments like you used to but now you can tune up a lot of the gun attachments.

There are many people who dislike the game for the new features. There are also many people who love the new one and think it is way better than the old one. The game is still not yet completely done but so far it has been amazing. The game being a little expensive still plays a big toll on how people enjoy it too.