Urban Legends Have Been Passed Down For Generations

Slender Man Theatrical Poster Produced by  Screen Gems Production Company

Courtesy of Screen Gems Production Company

Slender Man Theatrical Poster Produced by Screen Gems Production Company

Payton Timmons, Staff Reporter

An urban legend is a form of modern folktale consisting of tales told by someone and is passed down by people. Over time there becomes many different variations of the story. For example, the jersey devil has been around since the 1700s.There are many different versions of this tale. The most popular version of this urban legend is that mother leads gave birth to a devil child with a tail, wings, and hooves. Urban legends are scary and extremely interesting to read.

One of my favorite urban legends is the legend of La La Llorona. Generations of children in Mexico grow up to be afraid of La La Llorona. This urban legend tends to be told by parents and is usually used to scare children from going out too late. The story depends on is telling it but the one most tell is that a women named Maria married a rich man and had two children with the man. Her husband started spending less and less time at home and whenever he was home he only paid attention to the children. Maria eventually found her husband with another women and becomes enraged beyond reason. Most stories say she drowned her kids and immediately regretted it afterwards. Maria is sometimes said to have drowned herself after she drowned her children. When she arrived at the heaven gates she was denied entry and was banished back to earth until she could find her children.  Now the legend goes that she floats over bodies of water as she weeps looking for her lost children. She is said to kidnap or attack children, others say she attacks cheating husbands. No matter who you are when you hear her cries you run.

Another urban legend is The Bunny Man. The Bunny Man originates in the state of Virginia. The legend of the ax wield bunny haunting Fairfax County started around the 1970s and continues to haunt to this day. For generations the story of the Bunny Man has been passed around by adults and children in Northern Virginia. The details of the story has changed over the years but one thing has stayed the same, the bunny costume. For 50 years the bunny man has influenced creative endeavors. The bunny man is a really popular urban legend is extremely terrifying.

The urban legend that paved the way for urban legends is Slender Man. Slender Man became popular all over the internet and was seen in backgrounds of pictures. This story is controversial due to an attack in Wisconsin. Two girls stabbed another girl just to please Slender Man. Slender Man showed us how on a screen fiction can turn into a fact.  This is the story that get me invested in urban legends because of its scary unknown backstory. Slender Man is around eight feet tall and has vectors that are described as swords. Slender Man is said to stalk people and has been the cause of many disappearances. Slender Man is truly a terrifying story if you put in the time to read into the legend.