Homecoming Spirit Week Gives Students and Staff Opportunity To Show Off


Jackie Burland

Teacher, Kent LaRoque, kicks off Spirit Week in full Minion mode.

Jackie Burland, Staff Reporter

It’s that time of year again, homecoming!! We are down to the final stretch before we get to dance the night away. In this time we have done so many fun things such as… Spirit Week!!! We have had so much fun this week. With all the turn out of each student participating in this week of fun we have amazing moments. When you walked into the school you got beaded necklaces!! Did you get the chance to see the person in a banana costume on Monday? That was quite the unique take on minion day but in the best way. As a school I think we can all agree that there were some pretty memorable moments with our minion friends. For example Liz Dawkins was dressed in a full costume as you can see. And the teachers were oh so fun as well. Speaking of teachers, it was a happy birthday for our very own Miss Chernow.


The real question though is cowboys or aliens? Well the turnout was quite the obvious answer. Cowboys!! In fact, let’s look at some outfits. We have our beautiful cowgirl. I mean look at the horse, since when do we let horses in the school? The rules are nothing to stop this girl from bringing her horse though. As for the aliens, many were surprised with this outfit. Someone showed up in an inflatable alien costume, and I mean wow that was quite the thing to see. 

Battle of the bands was a very interesting choice. During the battle of the bands people went all out. For example, Nadia Oberlin had her face painted and had a full outfit for her band. There were many interesting outfit choices today and only a few could be captured. This was a day for the books as always.

Thursday we went back to the 90s. People wore flannel shirts and ripped jeans. Today was very subtle. There were many people as normal dressing in extreme outfits able to light up your day. Sure not too many things happened today but just as the rest of the week it was a very fun day for all involved. We had many after school activities on this day including the parade and the bonfire. We had a very full day of fun and celebration. 

Friday was a day that we will never forget, We entered the school to the band playing for us all through the halls. We had amazing takes on the theme of the day as always. Today you were wearing your class colors and you could see how people enjoyed doing such. Jovie Seal, Maddie Fox, Marley Marks, and Joy McKee were painted and dressed in the class colors showing their spirit. Today we had many plans involving the game after school. Our varsity team played against Warwick. The turnout at the game was overwhelming. There was so much school spirit from all the grades making this an amazing day overall. 

Liz Dawkins goes full Minion for Spirit Week. (Jackie Burland)
Natalie Marie, 9th Grade channels her inner cowgirl. (Jackie Burland)
Nadia Oberlin, 10th Grade, rocks out during Spirit Week (Jackie Burland)
Marley Marks, Maddie Fox, Jovie Seal and Joy McKee show their class spirit on Color Day. (Jackie Burland)