Pumpkin Carving Contest


Joshua Coleman

Savannah Stafford, Michael Thomas, Gabriel D’alessio, and Marleigh Chappelle.

Joshua Coleman, Guest Writer

NJROTC’s Pumpkin Carving Contest

On Tuesday, October 18, NJROTC had its annual pumpkin carving contest.  In NJROTC, sprinkled throughout each year are various events in which the three
divisions of Gloucester’s NJROTC unit (Alpha Company, Bravo Company, and Charlie Company) go head to head in challenges to see which one will come out on top and win the famed “Company Cup.” These events comprise all sorts of challenges: leadership, community service, participation, morale, and more. But in some cases, there are more light-hearted hands-on activities, such as pumpkin carving. Six teams participated in the contest, approximately two from each company (Alpha, Bravo, and Charlie). All Participants got a pumpkin, carving tools, and 30 minutes to create the best jack-o-lantern they could. Once the time ran out, the judging started. Careful deliberation from the judges (Captain Merkle and Senior Chief Grant) declared the winners’ to be Bravo’s team (with some minor assistance from Charlie): Savannah Stafford, Gabriel D’alessio, Marleigh Chappelle, and Michael Thomas. “[The event] went really well,” said Marleigh Chappelle, one of the winners of the contest. The overall consensus was that the event was enjoyable, and many are ready for the subsequent trials on the path to the Company Cup.