The Benefits of Taking Chorus

Elizabeth Underwood, Editor

There are many benefits of taking chorus in high school. These benefits can help with many things like improving your mood and confidence. If you are planning on taking chorus there are many reasons why you should. Being in chorus can help with your mood and it can help with feeling less stressed. This is because singing can calm stress levels. It can also help you feel happier. In some places it is used as a therapy. It can help with learning skills, in chorus you have to learn how to work with others. This is because you have to blend as a choir in order for it to sound good. It can help you with performing in front of others. Alyssa Bishop said how taking chorus helps with “having better stage performance and being more open to singing in general.” In chorus you have to get up on stage and sing with your choir this can help you improve your performance skills. Chorus helps build social skills. In chorus you have to socialize with others to figure out how to improve and figure out what needs to be changed. Many people enjoy and have gained things from taking chorus. Getting to make friends, getting to sing, and more. For example, Bishop said “It’s easy to make friends and find similarities between you and other people.” Bishop also said something she gained is, “the anxiety of performing in front of others has gotten better.” Taking chorus can also benefit you if you plan on doing something with singing once you graduate. Taking chorus can help you to become a better singer. Kayhla Winston said she recommends a person to take chorus “who enjoys singing even if you’re not good at it.” Even if you are not good at singing, that is not a problem. Taking chorus will help you improve in singing. Bishop said a benefit is, “ Having better stage performance and being more open to singing in general.” These are all amazing benefits of taking chorus. It can benefit you in many ways and help you through school and even after you graduate if you plan on doing something with singing!