E-Hall Bathroom Pass Divides Students And Staff

E-Hallpass Logo from eduspiresolutions


E-Hallpass Logo from eduspiresolutions

Carlos Esteves, Staff Reporter

What is the E-Hall Pass? Why do we need a bathroom pass system like this? Is it effective, and if so, is it worth the cost? These are some of the most common questions left by the GHS population given the newly placed bathroom pass system. 

Firstly, to put money into perspective, the system costs $3 per student and $1,000 for a one time implementation fee. This means the school spent, in my estimate, at least $4,626 minimum; since there are 1,542 students currently attending the school. Although this is seemingly a lot of money, this is actually cheaper for a school wide system. Even though this fact is true though, the question is just whether that money could still have been put to better use, say for textbooks or school supplies for kids who can’t afford it, or even just future endeavors of the school. 

The E-Hall pass allows teachers to track where students should be and secure the halls. It does this by timing kids and using digital passes that the teachers have to allow, and on top of that, everything on the system can be seen by security guards using tablets. This helps with any fake passes students can make and the time they use in the bathroom, which can lead to improved learning time and make it harder for students to skip class or leave the school.

You may wonder, “how do the teachers implementing this system feel?” Most don’t favor the system, or just try avoiding the use of it, as most refuse to take interviews or just said they don’t use it at all. Two teachers did bring a positive outlook however, with Mrs. Sanchez- our local history teacher- saying  “it’s an all or nothing thing, if everyone isn’t using it, it isn’t gonna be effective”. Along with Mr. Morgan commenting that he’s a “big fan of the e-hall pass” and “any change people are reluctant to, is just because it is change”. He said he believes it’s  effective and “it allows Gloucester High’s students to show how great they really are”, revealing just how mixed the comments on this new system have been.