Tattoos And Piercings Can Limit Employment Options


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Kiara Hendryx, Staff Reporter

Unless it is for a religious reason for you to have tattoos or piercings, many workplaces don’t allow facial piercings or visible tattoos. Therefore, it causes conflict between employees and employers most of the time. Employees should always be given a heads up on the way the dress code is in workplaces. It also only depends on what type of job you have whether or not it allows facial piercings or tattoos. For example, teachers, while they are allowed to have piercings and or tattoos they can only have them if they are not visible. Some jobs do allow tattoos as long as they are not offensive.

Jobs like law firms, you wouldn’t be able to have any tattoos. The reasoning for that is because the judge might not take them seriously. Teachers, they aren’t allowed to have visible tattoos because it might portray a negative image that the parents wont like or agree with. Most places do not agree with the employees having tattoos because they may cause distractions to the other employees. 

Now there are many places that do allow you to have tattoos and facial piercings. One of them being, The beauty industry and or the entertainment industry and also marketing. Making those jobs more open about the idea of people having them. Even though jobs should always tell you the dress code and whether or not you have to cover your tattoos or piercings, some of them do not. That could result in people getting in trouble with higher authorities and or getting fired. Even though it is against the law to fire people for having visible tattoos and piercings in workplaces. The employees should always be informed first and if not be told to at least cover it up and take out the piercings.

People feel differently about the workplace’s rules about tattoos and piercings. Some believe people shouldn’t have to take them out or cover them, but others think differently. Sara Walters, she believes that the reason jobs decided to be strict about tattoos and piercings is because of the stigma that they give to the public. Walters also said that it is not fair to be hired with a piercing and then later on during the job get in trouble for having them. Walters believes that the rule of the piercings and tattoos is old fashioned and outdated.

Companies, sometimes, do not even welcome people with piercings or tattoos. Others believe that everything should be allowed because it promotes individuality between other people. Some believe that they shouldn’t be needed unless it is for some type of religious reason.