Yearbooks Are Available to PreOrder

Heather Kirkhorn, Staff Reporter

Order your yearbook at with the code 4758.  Yearbooks cost $45 now, but as time goes on the price goes up. On October 2nd the price goes up to $50 and on the 4th of January, the yearbook reaches a final price of $55.   

Yearbooks are now available to order, so get them while they’re cheap. You can see all of the clubs and activities that the school year has brought and you can see yourself in it as well if you participated. If you took a picture on picture day, then you’re already guaranteed a spot. If you’re a senior, then you can also make a senior quote; Whether it be funny or inspirational, it will be a nostalgic to look back in later years. You can see photos taken of spirit weeks, prom, the ring dance, and other events throughout the school year. Great memories all stored in one book, to make it so that you’ll never forget. You can even get your friends to sign your book for more sentimental value so that when you look back on it you can remember them.

“The point of the yearbook is to document major events of the school year and to highlight the student body,” – Mrs. Leszczynski. For more information check out the high school website