Tips Can Help With Sobriety

Blair Davis and Kellsy Cecil

In recent studies, there has been a rise in substance abuse among young teens, along with this increase comes more people who want help to get sober. Most people struggle with achieving sobriety due to the way they become reliant on the substance they are using. In some cases people are scared to ask for help in fear of being judged by those around them.

The first step to becoming sober is to distance yourself from whatever caused the addiction and people who don’t try to help you.

Some ways to make becoming sober easier is to find something that distracts you from whatever it is you are trying to stop using like doing a puzzle, working out, finding new places around your home, or reading a book outside.

Another one, is to find a new hobby that makes you happy/relaxed like drawing, knitting, trying a sport, or journaling.

Lastly try reaching out to friends or family you know won’t judge and you can trust. Finding the one person you can trust and who will help you/hold you accountable can make a huge difference.

Taking small steps to becoming sober will help more than anything. Don’t become discouraged about becoming sober if you relapse. There will be points where you feel hopeless or feel like giving up but it’s all worth it in the long run. Because becoming sober can also help with better mental health, better physical health, improving relationships and more life opportunities.