What’s the Word?

Welcome to What’s the Word? Every issue, a group of our reporters go out and ask our peers some interesting questions to gauge a response. This issue, the questions were, What is the best thing a friend has done for you? And What is the worst thing a friend has done to you? Here are their responses:

Q1. – “Probably invite me to their birthday.” Q2-”They wrote a 120 page raunchy story about me, complete with photos of me sleeping”. – 11th Grade

Q1. – “Me and …. Stayed up for 2 days straight working on my truck” Q2 – “They took a side job from me by undercutting me from $500 and offering to do it for $300.”
-11th Grade

Q1. “Told a girl I liked her and wanted to go out with her. It worked out.” Q2. “They cheated on me with that same girl.”- GHS Teacher

Q1. “One of my friends gave me $50 to buy some things.” Q2. “Had me drive and an hour and a half somewhere and never showed up.”- 11th Grade

Q1. “We were running low on food, so they brought us groceries.” Q2. “For doing something, got mad at me, then 2 weeks later, doing it 10 times worse.”-11th Grade

Q1. “Help me fix my car”, Q2. “Contributed to the breaking of my car. “ – 11th Grade

Q1. “We used to cook together” Q2. “Left me for no reason.” – 11th Grade

Q1. “He constantly stood up for me.” Q2. “a few years ago a friend was at my house and kicked a yoga ball out from under me.”-11th Grade

Q1. “Been there for me when my dad skiddoodled away.” Q2. “Told a guy I liked him” -11th Grade

Q1. “Bought me food” Q2. “Talk behind my back.” -11th Grade

Q1. “Probably picked me up when I needed a ride out of a bad situation.” Q2 “ A false accusation.” – 9th Grade

Q1. “Been my wing Man.” Q2. “Ate my last Oreo.”-12th Grade

Q1. “He gave me a phone for free.” Q2. “ She was cappin, She was tellin’ everyone my business, but she was lying.” -10th Grade

Q1. “Brought me a gift when I was sick.” Q2. “When my friends talked me down.” -9th Grade

Q1. “Helped me when I was sick.” Q2. “Kicked me out of a sleepover.” -10th Grade

Q1. “They found my dog for me.” – 9th Grade

Q1. “Be there when I needed it.” Q2. “Turned their backs on me.” – 11th Grade

Q1. “I have mommy issues, so my friend let me stay with them for a week so that was pretty cool and swag of them.” Q2. “She came to my house to mess with my ex at my house, while I was still there.”- 11th Grade

Q1. “Put up with my mom and grandma for 4 hours.” Q2. “Talked bad about my mom.“-12th Grade