What’s the Word?

Every issue, we go around asking the students in Gloucester High School funny little questions to find some interesting stories from our classmates. For this issue, the question we asked students is:

“If you were stranded on an island and you could only bring three things, what things would you bring and why? And it can’t be people.”

Here are some of the answers we got:

“The three things I would bring are bread, water and my bed because you need food and water to survive.”

“Water, clothes and food because those are things I need to survive.”

“I would bring my cat for company, an airplane to fly away, and a boat for fun.”

“My phone for a social life, clothes to change so I can be clean, and food to survive.”

“A tent for shelter and a fishing rod to fish.”

”A machete to cut wood, a lighter to start a fire and a raft to get away.”

“I would bring a flare gun to signal ships, a lighter to start a fire and a canteen with a water filter.”

“A pot to boil water, and a shelter for somewhere to live”

“Tools to build a shelter, a boat and food.”

“An RV for shelter, food and water to survive.”

“An RV for shelter, a generator so the power doesn’t go out in the RV and my dog for company.”

“My phone for a social life, food to survive and a boat so I can leave whenever I want too.”

“My phone to call for help, food to survive and tanning spray to get a tan.”

“A tree house for shelter, my PlayStation for entertainment and a tv to plug the PlayStation up.”

“My phone, a trained pet wolf and a solar so I can get a signal to call for help.”

“Weapons, rope to build a shelter and a boat.”

“My phone to call for help, food and water to survive.”

“My phone, a portable charger to charge my phone and water.”

“A boat to get away, gas for the boat so you don’t run out and a fishing pole for food.”