Colleen Hoover Is A Must Try Romance Writer

Mariah Long, Reporter/Writer

No matter how many authors I read books by, I will always go back to Colleen Hoover. Now if you are not into romance novels she is not an author for you. From one of her most famous novels It Ends with Us to It Starts with Us, and everything in between I love all her books and her other series so much.

Let’s start with some of her famous titles. It Ends with Us is one of my all time favorite books. This book had me in tears. In this book the main characters are Lily Bloom, Atlas Corrigan, and Ryle Kincaid. Atlas is Lily’s first love from childhood. But then Lily and Atlas separate. So when Lily moves to the city and meets a very good looking doctor named Ryle they are immediately attracted to each other. They finally give in to their attraction towards each other and start dating. However, Atlas comes back into her life. This causes some tension and problems between all three of them. This also causes a strain on Lily and Ryle’s relationship. That is all that I can say about this book because the rest will be a spoiler. Although I will give you a warning that this book does contain some descriptions of abuse. If you are not comfortable with this topic then this is definitely not a story for you. Regardless of what happens in this story the ending is very happy and I would recommend this book to anyone.

The next book of Hoover’s that I am going to mention is called Ugly Love. The main characters in this book are Tate Collins and Miles Archer. This book is about how Miles does not want to fall in love or be in a relationship ever again in his life. That is until he meets Tate. They have a very physical relationship from the beginning. They also set some rules for each other. These rules include they don’t talk about his past and they don’t expect a future together. However, as they keep seeing each other the more they keep bending the rules. This causes a lot of pain and tension for both of them. This is a very sad book. But in the end of the book there is a very happy ending per usual and everything ends up being right in the world. This book also has a very heavy topic but in a very different way to It Ends with Us. This does not change the fact that this is also a book that is very high on my list.

The last set of books I am going to talk about is Hoover’s Maybe Someday series. The main characters in these books are Sydney Blake, Ridge Lawson, Warren Russell, Bridgette Cox, Maggie Carson, and Jake Griffin. In the first book, Maybe Someday, Ridge is stuck in a love triangle with Sydney and Maggie. However, he loves Maggie too much to leave her. So, he and Sydney fight off all of their impulses to get together. The ending of this book has a very satisfying ending in my opinion. But it leaves you wondering what happens in the end. The second book, Maybe Not, continues their story and answers all of our questions. By the end of this book all of the characters have a very good relationship together. The last book, Maybe Now, is about Warren and Bridgette. This book explains how they got together and shows the dynamic of their relationship. This is one of the best series I have read. Out of this whole series I will never be able to pick which one is my favorite.

Colleen Hoover never fails to amaze me. Now I understand if romance novels are not your thing. I was the same way too. At least I was was until I got into the CoHo books. CoHo being Colleen Hoover. She has so many more good books that I have not mentioned in this article.  The ones I mentioned are by far some of her most popular books. If you’re looking for a new author to get hooked on, these are the ones that I would read first. Once again these books are not for everyone. If romance books are not your thing then don’t read any of these. Although, if you are trying to get into the romance genre Hoover’s books are a great place to start. Colleen Hoover has written so many great books, and I don’t see her stopping anytime soon.