Finding A Hobby, But Making It a Bigger Deal Than It Is: Part One


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Colleen Brownley, Editor-in-Chief

Finding a hobby might seem simple, but in reality it is a perilous journey only taken by the bravest and most superior of our society. In this adventure, boredom is my arch nemesis and a positive attitude along with a creative mindset is the key to its defeat. The first task at hand is to identify what hobbies I shall be attempting. I’ve tried out many hobbies in the past, all of which I’ve tossed aside for new ones, so I must be unique with the selections.

Ping Pong
The art of ping pong is complex and difficult. Like a warrior with a sword, one must attune to one’s paddle. It was in the late 19th century that the sport was born, and it was created and patented by the Hamley brothers. It is much more popular in parts of Europe and Asia, students can even receive full scholarships for ping pong. One drawback of this hobby is that it takes more than one person to properly play a game.

Geocaching is essentially being a modern day Indiana Jones. You use an app or website to find locations for a piece of treasure and then use the directions to find it. You’ll find knick knacks of all sorts inside of a box at the location, and then you’ll replace it with another trinket. And then you get to do it all over again. Perhaps you’ll buy a pack of 1,000 rubber duckies as a sort of calling card for each geocaching box. Perhaps you’ll find actual treasure while participating in this hobby.

Although I’ve dabbled in baking and cooking, I’ve decided to use this article as an excuse to recommit myself. With the use of a good playlist and a sturdy whisk, I can make an exquisite cake from scratch, and I have fun doing it. This will most likely be my favorite hobby on this list, because after I complete it, I will get the great delight of eating my creation. Even if it doesn’t taste the best the first time around, I promise your inflated ego will make it taste as if Gordon Ramsey himself had made it.

Whittling seems like something someone far tougher and cooler than me does, and for that reason I want to do it. I’m not confident I will be any good at it, nor am I confident I won’t chop a finger off. But, I think with some added safety precautions and some practice I’ll be okay.

Flower Arrangement
I picked this one for the list, half because I want to appreciate nature more and half because it will make me feel like a Disney princess. Another added bonus of flower arrangement is flower language. Flower language was primarily used in the 19th century for lovers and suitors to communicate but I think it would be much more interesting if I used it as a way to insult people. I’ll create a beautiful bouquet, give it to one of my many enemies, they’ll give me countless thanks (because it will, again, be beautiful), and then I’ll simply tell them to look up the flower language behind the fauna and it will mean something like ‘Your mom’s ugly.’ And then I’ll laugh. A whole lot.