Opinion: Mortal Kombat XL Is Best Video Game

Janelle Fuelling, Staff Reporter

Mortal Kombat is a fighting-type game where you try to win for your faction Such as Lin Kuel. This is a group that is led by a guy named Sub-Zero. He has ice abilities and is excellent in combat.

White Lotus is a group led by Raiden. He can control lightning and protect the Jinsei, which is EarthRealms life force. They are this organization that trains for the faction wars.

Special Forces or (S.F. for short) is this other organization that brings criminals, assassins, etc  to justice and has them pay for their crimes.

The Black Dragons are another organization that have the cruelest and craziest people, killing people that are on their target list, and steal whatever is needed.

And the Brotherhood of Shadows are this other organization that are the most evil of evil… they have been trying to free Shinnok from the NetherRealm and serve him and Quan Chi… the reason is that to have Shinnok infect the Jinsei, which is the Earth Realms life force. 


Shinnok is a fallen elder god that was sent to the Netherrealm because of turning against the other elder gods for life.

Quan Chi is one of Shinnok’s followers and brings the dead back to life, but with a twist.

In Mortal Kombat, you can switch to story mode and fight characters that try to kill you, sometimes you have to fight good guys to earn money, and new outfits for your character.

It is a bit gory, weird, and violent but as you progress in the game, it gets better… not to mention it gets a bit tougher.

Mortal Kombat is the best action-packed video game ever to be on PlayStation.

If you have a PlayStation, you can get the game for free on PlayStation Plus, the only problem is that the game can only stay there for a short while.