Ask Ava: Volume Three


Valiree Vining

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Ava Roscoe, Staff Reporter

“I’m sitting on my couch eating some vanilla Greek yogurt with some cut bananas and chocolate chips. I just finished watching a movie. I’m surprised my ADHD let me finish the movie. I’m not really sure what this is about, so I’m giving general advice. But if it’s about school, I would like to share that I believe giving students a 50 for doing nothing is unintelligent. It rewards the lazy students for sitting around. It is unfair that a struggling student can earn a 50 for trying their very best but a student sleeping in class (in which has completed no assignments in class) can get the same grade. Because of this students are also inattentive in class and stay on their phones. They know they’ll easily pass the class by turning in only a few small assignments. But if we’re talking about general- life is good. I’m working on my future career, and I spend a lot of time with myself. I’m happy, and if there’s nothing to be happy about, I dance anyway. I’ll make my own happiness.” – Signed, Greek Yogurt

Dear Greek Yogurt,
I totally understand what you’re saying with giving 50’s instead of 0’s. It can be encouraging for the wrong reasons. It can encourage a student to not turn in work or just not put in any effort at all. The good thing about it though is that it can help save a grade, instead of having a complete 0 in a class, you could have a strong 50. Also Greek yogurt with chocolate is literally so good.

“Hey, how do I make my hair grow faster?” signed, Short Hair

Dear Short Hair,
There are plenty of home remedies you can use to help your hair grow. For starters, changing the shampoo/conditioner to something cleansing will help clear out any buildup, freeing your hair follicles to grow. Drying your hair, be it air dry or with a blow-dryer, before you sleep will also help prevent any breakage. You can also take natural vitamins like, Biotin, Vitamin A, and Vitamin C.

“I am attempting to make friends with someone by passing notes back and forth with them with outrageous things written on them. But for some reason, he doesn’t find my funny words funny. What should I write on the next one?“ Signed, Comedian

Dear Comedian,
I personally am a huge fan of passing notes, I think they’re a funny way to communicate while in class, as long as you’re not disruptive. If you want to be friends with him, try appealing to his humor instead of yours. Listen to what he likes and try to make jokes that line up with those interests.