Ask Ava: Volume Two


Valiree Vining

Ask Ava Graphic

Ava Roscoe, Staff Reporter

“I’m really bored in Science right now. What can I do to not be as bored” signed, Bored In Class

Dear Bored In Class,
Assuming you have no work left to do, my first go would be to get up and walk around. If you’ve been sitting down for a while, it’s refreshing to just get up and stretch your legs. Now to entertain yourself, you can make some origami cranes. I’ll leave a tutorial for you below.

“How do I get my parents to notice I am not a child anymore and that I am responsible.” signed, Responsible Young Adult

Dear Responsible,
Taking yourself more seriously can significantly affect how others see you. Now, I don’t mean completely erasing any humor you have, but just be mature. Adding more complex vocabulary to your grammar can make you seem more mature. The way you carry yourself can factor in that opinion too. If you act like you’re responsible and just look like a trustworthy person, it makes you more receptive to other people.

“Should I get a mullet and dye it black so I can be an emo bubba? Need ideas and advice to help me find an emo girlfriend in Gloucester.” signed, Emo Bubba

Dear Emo Bubba,
I don’t know about the mullet, but a hair color change could be just the change you need to get that confidence boost to ask a girl out. Just be yourself.