Keeping up with Kanye

Lilianna Harris , Sections Editor

Kanye West, now formally known as “Ye”, is no stranger to outbursts on the internet. Although his past episodes have been over insignificant things and mostly one sided, his most recent one is tearing his family apart, destroying his friendships, and ruining his mental health.

In 2016, Ye was diagnosed with bipolar disorder, which he has been very open about. His behavior is very unpredictable, due to manic and depressive episodes caused by his disorder. In the past, he has admitted to not taking his medication, because it “changes him.” For any person with bipolar disorder, their symptoms usually worsen when off of their medication. When someone who has a mood disorder, being off their meds can cause them to have extreme mood swings, which can cause intense emotions like mania and depression.

While still married, small disagreements often turned into full blown arguments. Ye has also hinted at cheating on Kim while on tour. He suddenly admitted to hooking up with Christina Milian while opening up about cheating on Kim.

On February 4th, 2022, Ye put his ex-wife, Kim Kardashian, on blast publicly after she let their 8 year old daughter, North West, own a Tik Tok account. Kim fired back on Instagram, assuring that North’s account was monitored and is being used as a creative outlet for her. Kim has stated that she wants to keep family issues private, but Ye keeps taking to social media to express his feelings.

Ye started to rapidly post and delete instagram posts about Kim’s boyfriend, Pete Davidson. One post had a caption that read, “IF YOU SEE SKETE IN REAL LIFE SCREAM AT YHE LOOSER AT THE TOP OF YOUR LUNGS AND SAY KIMYE FOREVER,”. There have been many, now “deleted”, posts similar to this; with poor spelling and grammar, all caps, etc. Kim posted a reply to Ye’s threatening post by saying he is creating a dangerous environment for Pete.

After Kim posted her concerns, Ye posted a picture with Kim tagged. The photo he posted raised some concerns from many people. Kim was tagged on a man being choked by another man. Ye wrote in the caption, “UPON MY WIFE’s REQUEST PLEASE NOBODY DO ANYTHING PHYSICAL TO SKETE I’M GOING TO HANDLE THE SITUATION MYSELF.”

Later, he posted an apology on his Instagram, “I’ve learned that using all caps makes people feel like I’m screaming at them. I’m working on my communication. I can benefit from a team of creative professionals, organizers, mobilizers and community leaders. Thank everybody for supporting me. I know sharing my screen shots was jarring and came off as harassing Kim. I take accountability. I’m still learning in real time. I don’t have all the answers. To be a good leader is to be a good listener”. Although Ye said he would stop what he is doing, he yet again posted about Pete and used all caps.

Ye allegedly spread rumors that Pete is gay and has AIDS. He also allegedly has threatened to have him beat up and that he is a “junkie”. Comments made by DJ Akademiks on Twitch have supported these allegations, “Kanye has been telling anyone within earshot of himself, he’s trying to spread a rumor that Pete Davidson has AIDS. I’m telling you this as a fact. I’ve heard this from eight people. He’s telling everybody!”

As of February 28th, Ye has deleted all of his posts relating to Kim and has only been promoting his own streaming platform where his new album Donda 2 will be released. The most recent post is a screenshot of Pete’s Instagram account being deleted with the caption, “Ran Skete off the gram Tell your mother I changed your name for life”. Some believe that Ye orchestrated everything so all eyes could be on him when he announced Donda 2.