Twilight in a Nutshell

Janelle Fuelling, Staff Reporter

In the first book of this series by Stephenie Meyer, Twilight, we follow a seventeen year old girl named Bella Swan. who is uprooted from sunny  Arizona to gloomy Forks, Washington. She finds her life to be endangered when she falls for the quiet, mysterious, Edward Cullen who just so happens to be a vampire. 

In the second book, New Moon, the story continues to develop Edward and Bella’s relationship. After she is attacked by his brother, Edward leaves her a heartbroken and depressed mess. She becomes closer with her childhood friend Jacob Black to fight away her pain which creates a love triangle. 

In the third book, Eclipse, the novel explores Bella compromising between her love for her beloved Edward and her best friend Jacob. Along with her dilemma of her potentially leaving her mortality behind, a series of mysterious vampire attacks arise in Seattle.

In the final book, Bella and Edward get married, leaving a distraught Jacob behind. After potentially life threatening situations overcame her, she willingly risked her human life and possible vampire immortality.