Euphoria Season Two Review

Grace Mares and Mariah Linkous

Unanswered Questions of Euphoria
As the Euphoria season wraps up, we’re left with many pending questions. For instance, will Rue (Zendaya) and Jules (Hunter) get back together? Was Maddy (Alexa) recording Nate’s (Jacobs) “attack”? Is Ashtray (Javon) the lost brother of Nate Jacobs, and where is Mckay (Algee)? Did he quit or did something happen? None of these questions have been answered in season two, meaning we’ll have to wait until season 3 to get the result. Based on what the director and cast members have said, we may have to wait until 2023 to find out.

Season 1 finale recap
Maddy and Nate end it, Nate snitches on Fez for distributing drugs, Cassie gets an abortion, Kat and Ethan start a relationship, Lexi decides she wants to be more bold, Jules leaves Rue, and Rue relapses. Rue is narrating all of this in the future meaning she knows everything that happens, so I guess we should be paying special attention to how she words her sentences!

Beginning of Season 2 spoilers
Let’s take a look at the first few episodes of season two. After meeting Nate at the gas station, Cassie quickly fell in love. Which is poor from her since her best friend’s abusive relationship with him just ended. At the party, Rue makes up with Jules but at the same time, she becomes friends with Elliot, which Jules wasn’t happy about. In spite of crying out of jealousy for Rue and Elliot’s friendship, Jules got with Elliot as soon as she possibly could. Later in the first episode after we get a glimpse at Fez and Lexi’s new relationship, Fez does exactly as he promised and beats up Nate which was very deserved. In conclusion, the first few episodes were filled with drama and envy.

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Season two middle Spoilers
After the party, Nate starts obsessing over Cassie but quickly finds out she does the same thing. Lexi starts to suspect something is going on with Cassie. Faye (Custer’s girlfriend) starts to stay with Fez and Ash because she killed someone. Cassie starts to go in a manic spiral. We also get to Rue, Jules, and Elliot’s friendship. Jules at first didn’t like him but that quickly changed after he started to give her the attention she yearned for, Rue gets mad and leaves, they sleep together, and Elliot then tells Jules that Rue is still doing hardcore drugs so they snitch on her. Rue runs away while her mom is trying to help her, and she ruins her friendship with the Fez, then goes to Lexi’s house and reveals to Maddy that she saw Cassie and Nate together. While all of this is happening, Lexi writes a play on everything.

Season 2 ending spoilers
As the season has concluded, we’re left with the heartbreak of Ashtrays death, the loss of friendship between Maddy and Cassie, and the arrest of Cal Jacobs. Many rumors have been going around that Ashtray isn’t actually dead due to us never seeing his body, but I have a feeling he’s gone for good. Cassie was a horrible friend to Maddy then played the victim, and Cassie doesn’t deserve Maddy’s friendship. Lastly, Cal deserves to go to prison after sleeping with a minor.

Our Opinion of Euphoria Season two spoilers
Grace – This season was filled with heartbreak and sorrow, but it gave me something to look forward to every Sunday evening. I don’t think they should have included the story line with Cassie and Nate, but besides that I really loved season 2, and I can’t wait for season 3!
Mariah – This season could have been better if they focused on Cassie and Nate and didn’t talk about any of the plots in season one, and Ashtray’s death was very forced and unnecessary, but I loved seeing more of lexi. We also got to see Lexi and Fez become friends. I also loved Faye, who they introduced in season 2.

Other Euphoria Opinions
Everyone was asked the same questions.
How do you feel about the show?
Who is your favorite character?
Who is your least favorite character?
What do you think Rues zodiac sign is?
What genre would you classify Euphoria?

Jade’s opinion: Amanda’s Opinion: Emma’s Opinion:
9th grade 9th grade 9th grade
1. Very realistic 1. Dumb and overrated 1. Explicit
2. Rue 2. Maddy 2. Fezco
3. Nate 3. Cassie 3. Cal Jacobs
4. Leo 4. Leo 4. Cancer
5. “Special” 5. Drama 5. Comedy

Elli’s Opinion: Destiny’s Opinion: Owen’s Opinion:
10th grade 9th grade 9th grade
1. Stressful 1. Chaotic and realistic 1. Really good
2. Rue and Fez 2. Ashtray 2. Nate
3. Cassie 3. Nate 3. Cassie
4. Sagittarius 4. Virgo 4. Cancer
5. “Drugs” 5. Drama 5. Drama