What’s the Word : What is the Worst Date You’ve Ever Been On?



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Valiree Vining and Colleen Brownley

Valentine’s Day has always had an aura of love and happiness. However if you’re alone, or just not looking forward to the holiday hopefully this article will console you. Throughout the last two weeks Editor and Co-Editor, Valerie Vining and Colleen Brownley, roamed the hallways asking the students of Gloucester High School what the worst date they had ever been on was. Here are some of the weirdest, worst, and funniest answers collected. 

  • “I went on a double date one time with my friend, and my girlfriend cuddled with her friend the entire time.” – Sophomore
  • “The worst date I’ve ever been on was probably when I thought I was straight and I tried to take a girl to Los Portales. And my whole family was watching and they were cheering me on the whole time and it was really embarrassing. So, we ended up breaking up like two days afterwards because…… Well I’m gay.” – Sophomore
  • “I went to Your Pie with her and she knocked over the whole table.” – Senior
  • “To the Holocaust Museum.” – Sophomore
  • “Been on plenty… I’d say when I went out to dinner, it’s funny but it’s embarrassing at the same time… and we went out to dinner at Golden Corral and there were a lot of people. It was me and her and her parents, and let me just say I farted and I made two seats vibrate off the ground.” – Senior 
  • Went on a long rant without answering the specific question then said, “You can’t trust mad women these days 2022.” – Senior
  • “He took me to a landfill.” – Junior
  • “We were going to see a movie when I went to give her a kiss and she all of a sudden threw up on me.” There were a total of three throw up stories mid-kiss by the time all the interviews had been compiled. – Junior
  • “This dude, he put his arm around me, and I told him I didn’t like to be touched, and he said okay but kept touching me. I was going to leave and then his boyfriend showed up.” – 
  • “Y’know the Moose Lodge or whatever it’s called? I was like there with a person that will remain anonymous and so I was basically cheating on one guy with another and they were both there. And at one point I was holding both their hands at once and I was like trying to make them hold each other’s hands.” – Junior 
  • “I went to the movies with this guy and as soon as the movie actually starts he goes to the bathroom. And he’s gone for like half an hour. Finally he comes back right, and literally five minutes later he picks up a phone call and starts shouting at a telemarketer. And eventually he left me there so he could continue his phone call with the telemarketer. And he never spoke to me again.” – Junior 
  • “I only went on the date to get free food. And the dude was a total racist and homophobe… And we ended up going to the movies and he walked out of the movie halfway because there was a gay dude in the movie that he didn’t like.” – Senior 
  • “I was at the movie theater and she didn’t like me, she said I was disgusting and she told me she was just using me for my money.” – Junior 
  • “My date picked me up and we got in a fight on what to do, ‘cause she said I wouldn’t make the decision. So we sat in the parking lot for two hours while she did crossword puzzles and I smoked cigarettes outside of the car. That was the date… and then I married her.” – A teacher
  • “I went to dinner with a girl and the date was going away, but she wasn’t really talking. And then we went for a walk around the mall and she started chain smoking heavily.” – A teacher