Not Everyone Has To Be On The Smash Roster, You Know

Oscar Rutkowski, 1st Semester Staff


Super Smash Brothers Ultimate is one of the most popular games on the Nintendo Switch, mainly because of its diverse roster of characters. The Fighters Pass, a string of downloadable characters being sequentially announced and then released for the game, is a perfect example of this. However, what I have seen on YouTube and mainly Twitter, is people questioning the character additions, typically refusing to appreciate that character’s value and dismissing it because it wasn’t their own pick. It might be a good idea to use character additions in Smash Brothers to expand your game horizons, see where this character came from, observe the fandom that might have wished for this character.


Listen, I know that the Master Chief and Crash Bandicoot have a place in gaming history, but not absolutely EVERYONE needs to be on the Smash roster. The pure amount of people who get so worked up over a game’s downloadable characters is ridiculous. Smash Brothers is just one game and there are only so many people who can work on it. I think that the gaming industry as a whole could use a lot more crossover fighting games, and they could learn from Mr. Sakurai.