Review: Squid Game

Gian Valentin-Fontanez, 1st Semester Staff

“I don’t have a home to go back to. In here I stand a chance at least, but out there? I got nothing out there” says Player 322.

Squid game is the newest Netflix hit, with the show amassing around 142 million views in the second week after easily becoming Netflix’s No. 1 title at the time. The new Netflix original is one of, if not the best show, Netflix has produced in their studios. A Korean drama about poor contestants who compete in a series of children’s games with only 2 possible outcomes. Winning the game brings success and a whopping $38 million dollars in cash. While if you lose,  you lose your life. Well, I bet it would sound tempting if you were 6 billion in debt. The plot is intense, with many plot twists and super suspenseful scenes that have you on the edge of your seat until the episode is over. With well-known Korean actors such as Gong Yoo, and Lee Jung-Jae, Squid game was set up for success at the beginning and will continue to be one if Netflix gives the go ahead for a second season!