Book Review: Doomed Queen Anne


Kassidy Digmon, Writer

In Doomed Queen Anne, Carolyn Meyer truly captures what Anne Boleyn’s personality could have actually been like. History has shown that Boleyn had a fierce temper. Meyer portrays Boleyn’s fiery personality through dialogue like: “Her words incensed me. For shame, Mary! You dare speak to me like that? You traded your virtue and your reputation for pretty jewels and boasted that the king named a ship for you! The wonder is that your poor husband put up with you for all that time.” Meyers also wonderfully portrays the struggles of Boleyn’s marriage to Henry VIII. In history it is a known fact that Spain refused to acknowledge their marriage and Meyers made sure to use this in the book. Meyers also manages to capture the paranoia that Boleyn suffered from in her 3 year marriage to the king. In conclusion, I would recommend this book to people who enjoy historical fiction as well as to people interested in learning what Boleyn might have been like.