[Opinion] School Lunch

Oscar Rutkowski, 1st Semester Staff

You always see school cafeteria being over exaggerated in children’s cartoons, like some kind of nuclear waste that spawns a giant alien or something. But the truth is, real school lunches aren’t much better. Of course, I believe it’s immature to splatter your lunch on the bathroom walls, however you should consider why the students are doing something like that.

School lunch is meant to be nutritious, I get it. But there is a very fine line between keeping children healthy with nutritious food and serving under-cooked, under budget “meat” and “vegetables” that my dog wouldn’t eat.

photo provided by illymation at youtube

My question is, what is the school board doing? If yearly fundraisers are meant to improve students’ learning experiences, then some of that budget should go towards better cafeteria food. Not just “better tasting”, like many will say, but “better for us”, like it should be.