A Helpful Human: Carlee Miller

Alaynna Bishop , Staff Reporter

Gloucester High School offers a wide range of activities. Carlee Miller, a freshman, has gotten involved in a few extracurricular activities such as ROTC and the SCA. Miller serves as a color guard in the ROTC and is the freshman representative for SCA. She stays after school every day to work on ROTC and displays flags and rifles at events. Community service is a big part of her duties for SCA. Whenever there are any events, like a pep rally, Carlee helps set it up and provides assistance when needed. 

These responsibilities do come with a lot of work. Miller does not have a lot of free time, and the work tends to pile up. So, how does she manage all of her tasks? She stated that she likes using calendars to stay organized. Even though it may be difficult with all of her work, she says it’s fun and teaches her valuable life lessons. Next year, she wants to run for sophomore representative and become a PO2. 

The reason Miller participates in all of these activities is because she believes it helps her mature and builds character. She learns how to be respectful towards others and have good manners. Miller suggests that others participate in these types of activities because while they are challenging, the benefits in terms of growth and learning are worth it.