Tidewater Comic-Con Offers the Experience of a Lifetime


Janelle Fuelling, Operations Manager

My Dad and I went to TideWater Comic-Con on Saturday the 14th, and I was so excited. At the Tidewater Comic-Con, there were famous voice and movie actors like Michael Bell, who plays Lance and Sven in 1984 Voltron, Adassa, who plays Dolores from Encanto, and many more.
The other reason why I was so excited about going to ComicCon is that I went in cosplay as Ashoka Tano from Star Wars the Clone Wars and possibly get some items to remember this for all my life.
When I arrived at Comic-Con, it was crowded, so we had to parallel park close to the building. As we walked across the street and went inside the building, we saw other people cosplaying as some of their favorite game, and movie characters like Ghostbusters, Genshin Impact, Final Fantasy, Hogwarts, Star Wars, fantasy creatures and more.

I was so filled with excitement that I started speed walking through an area. My Dad wanted me to slow down, so he wouldn’t lose track of me. A lot of times, people wanted to take a picture of me or with me since they thought my costume looked really cool. And a lot of times, I took pictures of some other people that cosplayed as my favorite like Rey, Princess Leia, Boba Fett, Mandalorians, another Ahsoka Tano, The Resistance, Zack who is from Final Fantasy 7 remake, and droids like R2-D2, Chopper, etc.
As we finished up there, my dad and I got ourselves and my mom a Tidewater Comic-Con t-shirt, as well as several  Funko-Pops from Star Wars.
The Tidewater Comic-Con had lots of exhibits including people making anime art, comic art, necklaces, earrings, wands, lightsabers, swords, guns, posters, selling comics and t-shirts. In one booth they had a virtual reality gaming system and gave me a sheet where I could get scholarship money by playing video games and a game design summer camp I would want to go.

Janelle Fuelling