Ask Ava Volume 4:


Valiree Vining

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Ava Roscoe , Staff Reporter

“My friend never wants to hang out on nights when there are full moons, one time I caught her eating raw meat out of a trash can. She has a tendency to pee on things to ‘mark her territory,’ and she barks at the mailman. I’m curious as to what you think is going on with her? Do you think this is toxic behavior and if so, should I drop her?” signed, Concerned Friend

Dear Concerned Friend,
Assuming this is a new behavior, I would definitely be concerned. She might be going through something in the background and this is her way of trying to ask for help. Gently approach her with your concerns and let her know that you’re there for her. There is always a chance of Lycanthropy.

“My boyfriend cheated on me with my best friend. He said it was a mistake and he wouldn’t do it again, but I don’t know if I believe him. He also got me really nice flowers after admitting to it. Do you think I should stay with him?” signed, Betrayed

Dear Betrayed,
You should trust your gut. He made the decision to betray your trust. You getting back together with him after will let him know that he can easily manipulate you. The flowers are just him trying to make himself feel better about it.

“This boy really annoys me in my study hall class. Thankfully he’s only there on A days so I don’t have to talk to him that much. But, he has a J name and I think that makes him all the more infuriating. How do I tell him he sucks butts?” signed, Annoyed

Dear Annoyed,
It does seem to be a common theme for J names to be annoying. I would be subtle about him but if he cannot take a hint, tell him flat out. I wouldn’t be as vulgar in your message but definitely be blunt.

“This girl asked me out. And she’s really rude and not the best person, but she has a lot of money. Is it bad if I go out with her specifically for her money?” signed, Conflicted

Dear Conflicted,
It would only hurt you both in the long run if you only go out with her for her money. It doesn’t matter if she’s a bad person if you’re only dating her for money because you also seem like a bad person.