What’s the Word?

Every issue, we go around asking the students in Gloucester High School funny little questions to find some interesting stories from our classmates. For this issue, the question is “What plans do you have for Spring break?”

“Offshore fishing.” – 11th grade

“Doing some work for another school.” – 11th grade

“No idea.’ – 11th grade

“Moving.” – 9th grade

“Hanging out with friends and sleeping.” – 9th grade

“Spending time with my grandparents.” – 9th grade

“See my family in Williamsburg.” – 9th grade

“Going to the beach.” – 9th grade

“Go to the Outer Banks.” – 9th grade

“More work.” – teacher

“Going to Myrtle Beach.” – 11th grade

“Fixing a car.” – 11th grade

“Go to a bonfire.” – 11th grade

“Going to the Outer Banks.” – 9th grade

“Chilling.” – 11th grade

“Bother my brother.” – 9th grade

“I’m going to Disney World.” – teacher

“Listening to music.” – 10th grade

“Shenandoah Valley with my girlfriend.” – 10th grade

“Outer Banks.” – 10th grade

“Busch Gardens.” – 9th grade

“I’m going to the Grand Canyon.” – 12th grade

“Probably Florida.” – 12th grade

“I’m going to the Bahamas.” – 11th grade

“I’m going to hangout with my boyfriend and friends.” – 10th grade

“Hangout with friends and my girl.” – 10th grade

“Working and making that money.” – 10th grade