What’s The Word : Weirdest Thing You’ve Heard While in the Hallways at GHS/Best Conspiracy



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This edition we asked the students of Gloucester High School two questions instead of one. Given the amount of strange things we have personally experienced in the hallways here, we decided to ask our peers about their experiences. Just out of pure curiosity we also included a question based around the best conspiracy theories they had ever heard. 




What is the weirdest/funniest thing you have heard/seen in this school? 


“Do you want to jump another student for $200?” – 10th grade


“Random screeching and barking.” – 11th grade


“Someone said that they smelled butt.” – 11th grade


“And they were roommates.” – 12th grade


“Someone yelled why did you grab my butt and they responded by saying it was fat.” – 12th grade


“Someone screaming slurs.” – 11th


“Someone in the bathroom said they were about to shoot up heroin.” – 9th grade


“Someone making car noises and running around the halls.” – 10th grade  


“Someone saying they have Chlamydia.” – 10th grade 


“I witnessed a drug deal.” – 12th


“I got meowed at.” – 11th grade


“Foot fetishes.” – 12th grade 


“Discussions about Hitler.” – 10th grade


“Talking about getting an abortion.” – 11th grade


“Calvin is thicc.” – 11th grade 


“Someone was inserting copper wire into an electrical outlet.” – 10th grade 


“My dad gets out of jail today.” – Teacher


“Student headbutted a door frame and split his head open.” – Security 


“Student brought a horse to school.” – Security 


“Student with his pants down in the halls.” – Security 


“Two students said they were bathing in ice cream for a week.” – 11th grade 


“Plotting to ruin someone’s life.” – 12th


“A student sitting in the sink in the C hall bathroom with his shoes off; vaping and watching 

Netflix on his phone.” – Teacher


“Mrs. Simpson told me that she loved me.” – 10th grade




What is the best conspiracy theory you know of? 


“Hellen Keller faked her disabilities.” – 10th grade


“Jeff Bezos and Mark Zuckerberg are lizards.” – 12th grade


“Mrs. Simpson eats kids.” – 11th grade


“Jewish space lasers on the moon that cause forest fires in California.” – Teacher


“JFK was targeted by more than one assassin.” – 11th grade


“Government is controlled by aliens.” – 10th grade


“The Titanic was sunk by German u-boats.” – 12th grade 


“Mountain Dew makes your balls smaller.” – 11th grade


“Covid was made by the government/China.” – 10th grade


“There are aliens in Antarctica.” – 9th grade


“Aliens control the world.” – 12th grade 


“The earth is flat.” – 11th grade


“Chemicals in the water are turning the frogs gay.” – 12th grade


“Area 51 is a portal to other planets.” – 10th grade


“Tupac is still alive.” – 12th grade 


“The Earth is hollow.” – 11th grade


“The moon landing was faked.” – 9th grade


“Microchips in the covid vaccine.” – 12th grade


“Calvin died.” – Security 


“John Lennon was killed by the government.” – 11th grade


“Birds are fake/created by the government.” – 12th grade


“Hitler fled to Argentina.” – 12th grade 


“There’s a pool on the school’s roof.” – Security


“Life is a simulation.” – Multiple people answered with this ranging from all grade levels. 


“The Earth that we live in is a flat circle on the surface of a giant ice ball.” – 11th 


“JFK wasn’t shot, his head just spontaneously combusted.” – 10th grade